I’m back!

So, I have not been uploading for almost a year. I stopped blogging because I thought that my blogs we’re bad, my writing style is childish, and nobody follows me anyway; so why keep going? Recently though, I’ve been missing the blog and wanting to pick it up again. I’m thinking that if I improve my style, more people will show interest in my blog, and I’ll become a better writer. Now, it’ll take me some time to practice and get better, but I’ll take to it soon.

P.S. I won’t be updating on a solid schedule, but I will try to write as often as I can. Thanks for understanding!


Cali xmas: day 3

So we started the day finding out how we would get some fresh air, and decided to go to the park. We flew a kite and had a lot of fun, all until I had an urgent need for a bathroom, so we had to run home. Turned out I wasn’t feeling to well, though my dad still took us all to the mall to go to the shoe repair. Of course we also ended up watching the twins bungee jump in the mall hall.img_20161219_093813-1davdavimg_20161219_100334dav

Christmas party!!

Hey, guys!

Here’s an update on what’s happening. Yesterday me and my dad hosted a christmas party at our place, and we had open house all day! It was a LOT of fun, and about 26 members of my family came over, though mostly at completely different times… which is why you only see a few people on the picture. I got to meet lots of people i haven’t seen in SOOOOOOOOO long, and had a really nice time! Here’s some picks:davdavbty


Soooo… you guys might have noticed (or not) that i haven’t posted to my weekly schedule, oops! And to that i am truly sorry, but, ya know – sick days 😦 .photo-on-06-12-16-at-11-54

BTW you might think it’s kiiiinda weird that i keep talking to “you” through my posts, since i don’t even have 1 subscriber to my blog. But, (and capital “but”) i AM hoping to get some soon, then they (you)can look back at this and it will make more sense (and it will be less owkward)! 😀

Getting started

Hey, i’m Mojo!

So… i’m kind of new at this blogging thing, so if i’m being kind of awkward in the first few posts then give me a shout out. I should get more comfortable with this after a while, so hang in there. BTW i’m going to try to start posting once  a week(though i might post a little more now and then), and i f this goes well it might be more often over time. ;-D

PS. please no hater messages – take it easy on me.